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21 June, 2012

Pelajar mendedahkan video seks guru 20-minit

sumber :
A group of students were browsing files on the school's computer server when they found something totally unexpected. It was a video of the school's two strictest teachers -- having sex for 20 minutes.

The teachers were from an international school here. The man was described by students to be like 'Voldermort' (the antagonist from the Harry Potter series) as he is very stern and always wears black; and the woman was said to be one of the strictest teachers there.

Although the teachers, who are dating and could get married soon, have finished their contracts and left the school, some of the students who viewed and in turn, shared the video, know who they are. The video has also gone viral on facebook.

The sex video, taken from what seems to be a mounted camera, shows a naked man and a woman in a camisole, underwear and high-heel shoes. They are having sex in a bedroom.

According to the report in The New Paper, a spokesperson said there was no breach in the school's IT security, but the school has briefed its senior leadership, so they can share the learnings from the incident and promote the responsible use of technology with the senior students in the upcoming academic year.

Wrote STOMPer Jordan:

"OMG! Teachers having sex on video! And I thought those in the education sector who went to jail for sex with an underage prostitute or the teacher who was 'stalking' girls on facebook was bad!

"What will happen next? The kids shouldn't have spread the video...but I guess it's only natural when you're that age and curious.

"I hope the teachers aren't too affected by it...but then again, it was probably one of them who left the video in the server. But why take a sex video and bring it to school in the first place?

"It couldn't have been for a class on sex education, right?

"On the flipside, it's tough being a teacher nowadays, when technology has so many ways to allow you to connect, yet expose you. And there are so many 'detectives' online. Scary!"


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