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09 April, 2012

What’s your sex personality?

Are you a sexual daredevil or a pussycat? Read on to find and match which personality of yours best describes your sex-titude!

The way that you behave during the day normally has something to do with either the way we have been brought up or how we are influenced by our environment. It’s the case of nature versus nurture.
However, have you always wondered what makes us behave the way that we do between the sheets? It has something to do with your sex or erotic personality; if you know what yours is, then you will no doubt be in touch with your sexual needs.
And if you don’t know? Well, as usual, MSN is here to help you. We'll guide you through the different sex personalities (to help determine what's yours) so that you can get the most out of your sack sessions.
Personality #1
Ride 'em cow girl
You’re usually the sensible type, but on the rare occasion, you turn into someone totally opposite in the bedroom.
When you turn into this alter ego, you will pretty much carry out any acrobatic position that comes to your mind no matter how big you think your bottom is. Not only that, you'll whisper, or yell for that matter, dirty nothings and basically leave your hang-ups and coyness on the floorwhere you have casually tossed yoursexy panties.
This personality usually surface when you are not in the surrounding area of everyday's limitations. You may be out of your environment or maybe, you see what you are doing as just a one-off thing.
A one-night stand is even possible when you are in a relationship as you may feel that your daring and exploratory side is muffled. This is because we tend to put away our wilder side as it can be hard to maintain sexual creativity when we are in a relationship.
Sex psychologist Petra Boynton says that: “Eventhough some men are intimidated by such sexually adventurous women, this is about self-confidence and having the courage to say, ‘I love sex’.”
Women are brought up opposite to the notion of liberal sex and therefore hold back so as not to be judged. However, it is your boundaries that tell us how far to go or wild to be, and is usually what we feel uncomfortable with.
On the other hand, exploring with your partner and maintaining playfulness can lead to a much more gratifying sex life.
Personality #2
Like a virgin
If the thought of sex is the furthest thing from your mind, then it seems as though your personality number two is being dominant. The causes of this could be anything from stress at work to certain medication that you may be taking.
“There is a lot of pressure for women to feel sexy all the time, but it wasn’t that long ago that women weren’t supposed to have a sex drive,” explains Petra.
With all the stress and the pressure that we have encounter in our daily life, it is only natural the sex sometimes falls off our agenda and it can be for days or even months! Plus, one in three women actually suffer from a lack of sex drive sometimes.
It can make many women have feelings of self-doubt and start to wonder about the state of their relationship if they are in one. If this is the case, try to not let your partner feel rejected. Do this by communicating and keep some affection going on even if it isn’t sex.
It is also important to find out what caused your sex drive to drift off so that you can be a sex siren once again.
Personality # 3
Are you so deeply in love that you can’t possibly imagine being without your partner and therefore sex is pretty much an earth-moving experience or spiritual awakening?
This may happen when you have been apart for a long period of time. When they are away, you'll realise your true sense of love for them and when you are next to each other under the sheets, is it more than just the meeting of two bodies and acquainting yourself with them.
This side of your sex personality allows you and your partner to get to know each other better and find out what truly excites you - therefore, exploring wilder options.
When you look at the factors that are accountable for a person's sexual character, it is clear that matching the sexual personalities of a couple is key to their sex life and to their relationship. This perhaps accounts for why some people cannot seem to get enough of each other whereas others have a traditional attitude towards sex.
Personality #4
The insatiable nymph
When this personality is at its peak, you'll find that everything turns you on as there is something in the air that you breathe, is making you so sexually-charged.
It is what you feel like when you first start a relationship and the bonding hormone is released, called PEA.
You can also feel it when you are doing something totally different with each other, like getting away for a holiday. It may feel to you that the more you have sex, the more you want it but it is actually to do with the fact that your relationship is feeling stable.
The better the relationship, the better the quality the sex and usually the quantity follows after that.
It can be hard when you are stuck in a relationship rut and forget what it was like in the bedroom when you first got together. Try to make time for intimacy and focus purely on each other. Build a bond, reconnect and the rest will follow.
Personality #5
The stress soother
This type of personality makes you think of any justification to have sex - from the fact that you have had a bad urge to wanting your other half to show you how much they love you - sex is, well, sex.
People turn to sex for many things and one of them is comfort and reassurance as it can make us feel better about ourselves. When we feel this way, getting close and intimate with someone is the quickest way to get the ‘fix’ that we need to reassure ourselves that actually everything is fine.
Sex isn’t just about passion and being close to someone. It is also a channel for us to relieve stress and a way for us to feel better about ourselves.
This isn’t about being needy or selfish, but it is a way and an outlet for us to be able to breathe again and getting rid of the tensions that have built up.
When you experience this personality type, why not try talking to your partner during sex and find out what feels good? It will make the both of you feel closer.

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